Verizon Galaxy S5 Sale On Amazon Kicks Off

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Its not unusual to see mobile devices receive price cuts

Its not unusual to see mobile devices receive price cuts, but that normally happens when the product has been out for too long or if its simply not selling. Price cuts are a great way to get rid of inventory. One might not expect such a big cut on a hotly anticipated device that was released less than a week ago. A Verizon Galaxy S5 sale has kicked off on Amazon. Customers who waited to purchase the latest Samsung smartphone can now get it for $100 off the usual price.


As of now the Verizon variant of Samsung Galaxy S5 is being sold for $99 on Amazon. Customers will have to sign up for a new service contract with this purchase. On all other carriers the smartphone is being sold for $199 upfront along with a new contract. Even Verizon’s own website is selling it for $199.

It is unclear how long this sale is going to last. Those who have been holding out on buying a new Galaxy S5 can now grab one for a full $100 cheaper, it doesn’t get any better than this. It is possible that stock might run out soon so if you’re interested in purchasing, better hop on over to Amazon right away.

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