Alexa Competitor SimilarWeb Acquires Competitive Intelligence Engine Tapdog

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SimilarWeb, the Tel Aviv-based web rankings provider and competitor to services like comScore and Alexa, is announcing today that it has acquired fellow Israeli startup, Tapdog, makers of a competitive intelligence engine that aims to simulate how an analyst thinks, using data science and machine learning technology.


Financial terms of the deal are not being disclosed, but we understand that deal is the “range of millions.”


The five-person Tapdog team included developers, designers and product managers, and all have already moved into SimilarWeb’s offices. The company had raised $500,000 in outside funding to date.




The startup, a graduate of Silicon Valley’s UpWest Labs accelerator program, was founded by a team of ex-military intelligence officers. To make its engine work, the company focused on developing a deep understanding of an information source’s behavior, its characteristics, and how it relates to other sources. Then, Tapdog would use machine learning technology to classify predictors, cluster the more important business developments, and finally derive actionable insights into those findings.

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